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Chapter Leader: Harrah Brown



About Harrah:


Real Estate Agent and Feng Shui Author and Expert, Harrah Brown, has taught hundreds of women how

small changes in their environment can create BIG changes in their life. Having studied in the US and China, Harrah has keen insights into the connection between home and happiness. She is an expert in helping people create a happier and more abundant lifestyle from the ground floor up.

Harrah connects the science of Feng Shui and the importance of great flow in our home, as a means of

achieving optimal happiness. She sees this as the ultimate secret to success in all areas of life.

As a veteran Real Estate Agent and Feng Shui consultant and instructor, Harrah’s clients include CEO’s, physicians, hotel executives, real estate brokers, teachers, consumers, and homeowners. She served six years as a board member for the Education Committee for the International Feng Shui Guild.

Harrah resides in Marietta, Georgia where she works as a licensed Real Estate Agent, and Feng Shui consultant. Her specialty is helping sellers create the perfect environment where homes sell quickly for top dollar in today’s market.

Harrah is passionate about our community and helping local small businesses THRIVE and looks forward to seeing YOU at The Flourish Network Chapter in Sandy Springs.

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