about us


Our Approach

 We believe in a unique and different way of connecting and engaging through business networking.  Our desire is to help others

 "Grow", and we then "Grow" by default. 

Flourish is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you, or your business, reach its full potential. The culture of Flourish is one-of-a-kind, as we aspire to connect, inspire, and impact women.  Then we layer it with our love and compassion for giving back, making it more than being just about the next business transaction. 

We take pride in offering a "wholesome" and "safe place" for women to come and grow, by providing an atmosphere that is void of competitiveness, aggressiveness, hard selling tactics, and all of the uncomfortable things that turn people off from the ordinary networking experience.


Core Values

 One of our core values that we abide by within The Flourish Network is that we build our network organically.  It is our goal to provide a wholesome safe environment where women can come and grow both personally and professionally.  We operate with integrity and we value everyone that connects with The Flourish Network. 




Flourish means to "Grow Well" and to "Be Very Successful". We are passionate about inspiring others and seeing them grow.  All of our events, meet-ups, conferences and gatherings are all designed to help you and your company reach maximum potential.  The end result being that you have a FLOURISHING Business that also produces AMAZING Friendships. 

We believe that everyone was born with purpose.  Our desire is that every single woman in business that connects with our organization realizes that she has special gifts and talents, that can only be performed by her.  There is nothing more beautiful, than seeing someone realize and walk in her divine purpose. 

 "Your purpose is your life song, sing loudly."

giving back


Philanthropic Element

 One of our passions at Flourish is to give back.  A portion of the proceeds from everything we do goes to support, inspire, and uplift non-profit causes and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Types of organizations we support are: Women's & Children's homes and shelters, domestic violence awareness, children's causes as it pertains to cancer and disease awareness.  We also partner with causes that bring awareness to the sex trafficking industry.