what people are saying


 “We are very Blessed with a Circle of Love and Loyalty within our Flourish Networking for Women groups that is unlike many other Networking groups. I believe its because we focus on building relationships and not the sale. We genuinely care about one another and not just the monthly sales goal when we come together once a month. Thank you to those that attend each month and share our Circle .”   B. Hart Chapter Leader, Cartersville, GA

 "Wanted to give you a HUGE applause for the Flourish meeting last night! Wow! I think this might be the best networking meeting I've ever attended! I truly felt like I was with a group of girlfriends, having a fun dinner and just talking. It's not often that you get that "feel-good, comfy" feeling in the whole room, especially during the first time attending! Thanks again for the invitation and I am SO glad I came!"  Beautiful Attendee Dawsonville, GA Chapter

 "So thankful for Flourish! I love this group! I’m happy that tonight I got to tell my story, what I do, why I do it, what fills me up. And I didn’t even cry. A year ago I would have never gotten up and spoke about myself and what I do in front of a group of people, much less a group of fierce, female entrepreneurs! And six months ago I couldn’t talk about myself or what I do without crying. So tonight was a good night. I’ve got a ways to go but this was a big step for me. Slowly learning it’s ok to talk, share what I’m passionate about, help others, and connect. I’m looking forward to a lot of firsts and growth! Being a better me and helping others at the same time." Beautiful Attendee Charleston, SC Chapter

 “Flourish has been such a great experience for me, and I’m looking forward to the continued connections and personal growth I have experienced! These days being social doesn’t come easy for me, but all of the Flourish ladies embraced me arms wide open at the Cartersville , GA meet-up like I had always been a part of this special group! Flourish has also helped me with my confidence, personally and in my business. I was recently asked to give a presentation, and everyone was so responsive and the feedback I received was amazing. Like I said, arms wide open. And to think.. I almost bailed out of that presentation due to anxiety. I’m so thankful I was introduced to Flourish!”   Beautiful Attendee Cartersville, GA Chapter

"Like most of you, I have many titles, wife, daughter, friend, attorney, oils lover, wellness guru, entrepreneur, leader, counselor, girl boss, and FLOURISH MEMBER. All of these titles mean something to me, to my loved ones, to our community. That’s what Flourish is, a community. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of something bigger than myself. How amazing is it that there is a group of women that come together to support one another’s dreams, goals, and ambitions? We all genuinely listen to one another, help each other’s businesses grow, share ideas, referrals, networks, and make lasting friendships. These women have become my family, and as a family, we have the opportunity to strengthen our community. Flourish works to give back to our communities, for example, our chapter works monthly to give back to victims of domestic violence, providing basic needs for women and children so that they may find refuge, comfort, and shelter. I Flourish because this group of women makes it possible because my community depends on me because I am blessed and I want to be able to give back to my community and my fellow girl bosses! I Flourish because I want to make a difference and be a part of something bigger than myself."   K. Hidir

"I have been Flourishing for a few months for now with the Suwanee Chapter.  I love attending Flourish meetings because I have made truly genuine connections with amazing ladies!  I have used many of the connections I have made in my personal and business life and love that I can come to these meetings and support my fellow female small business owners! Beyond that I love feeding off the attendees, learning new business ideas, and filling my cup with positivity!  I look forward to continuing to Flourish with my Thirty -One Gifts business alongside these great women and growing the Flourish Network with them!"   S. Keys

"I moved with my family to Woodstock, GA three months ago.  My Rodan and Fields business base transitioned seamlessly, but the prospect of growing it in a cold market was daunting.  Luckily, Flourish and its Founder were there to gently encourage my professional and personal development.  In just a few short months, I made friends that can relate to both the challenges and blessings involved with business growth.  These relationships give me the tenacity to push through difficult moments, and keep my eye on the prize of professional freedom.  Rodan and Fields gives women from all walks of life an opportunity to become extraordinary, and I'm grateful that Flourish is here to encourage that evolution in each of us! "   M. Cole