Chapter Locations

About Our Local Chapters

Flourish Networking events occur once per month at each location.  

Each of our meet-ups has been designed to build your business, connect you 

with wonderful women of purpose and make an impact in the lives of others. 

We offer a "selfless networking" environment that is void of competitive, 

aggressive, hard selling tactics, and overbearing business practices.   

Our goal is to provide a safe place to grow, as we support each 

other in the spirit of love and integrity.  

 Come Flourish with Us! We are not just your average networking group.  

We strive to be different on purpose with purpose. 

town lake - woodstock

west cobb at the avenues marietta




north carolina


south carolina


Become a Leader with us...

 Don't see a chapter in your area? 

Then come Flourish with us, and become a chapter leader! 

We'd love to FLOURISH with you!