Thank you for your interest in facilitating a chapter of FlOURISH in your local area.  Leadership with FLOURISH has benefits and affords each chapter manager the ability to grow their personal business.  In addition a leadership role creates a sense of mentor-ship for the local chapter, as well as connects each person who attends to the overall vision of what it means to help others grow in business, grow on a personal level; and reach out to our community making an impact. At FLOURISH we understand that when we assist others in growing first, then we FLOURISH by default.  Let’s start the “Getting to Know Each Other” process.  

leadership application

Important Information Regarding Your Application Submission

​Submitting an application to become a Chapter Leader with The Flourish Network does not automatically guarantee a Chapter Leader position within our organization.  

All applicants must complete the interviewing and on-boarding process which includes a fee. 

In addition, The Flourish Network, Inc. reserves the right to launch chapters at our discretion in locations that are best suited for the overall expansion of our organization.