virtual chapter


 Our Exclusive Virtual Chapter is specifically designed to add another layer to the existing Flourish experience for those that are already connected to our amazing network. In addition, the Virtual Chapter will allow access to our organization by bridging women that do not have access to a local chapter in their area, as well as to those that may not be able to attend a local chapter.

The virtual networking platform offering boasts endless amounts of features that will link business to business collaborations, foster one to one entrepreneurial relationships, as well as extend the overall reach for business portfolios.  What this means for you is that you will have an Exclusive Membership offering that is controlled entirely by you, allowing you to expand your reach for your business.

This virtual chapter membership offering does not replace our existing local chapter meet-ups, they will continue to Flourish as they have been since early 2015.

The Flourish Network is committed to our vision of bridging women entrepreneurs and their businesses across cities, states, and countries.

Come, FLOURISH with us on a whole new level!


Come, Flourish with us on a whole new level!