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You were Created to Win!


 Take possession of your dreams and goals, even if you can’t see them just yet.  Straighten your crown, stand tall, and look for doors of opportunity to open for you, no matter what your current situation...

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Socially Savvy


Top 6 Mistakes you are making on your Business Facebook Page and the Easy Fixes.  In a digital world full of fake news, gimmicks, and “steals” all out there to grab your attention...

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This is the Day with Karen Camp

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Bobbie Ruth's

Amanda Duttry is "Baking with Love"!

Since starting, officially just over ONE year ago to date, Bobbie Ruth's has grown so much. Their sales in the first year reached numbers they never dreamed they would in such a small amount of time. While Amanda Duttry started with the expertise as a cake baker and cake artist, she made sure to market Bobbie Ruth’s as a full-service bakery. And they are. Cookies, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, cupcakes – you name it. There aren’t many of these full-service bakeries around any more.  

If you ever wish to learn more about Amanda or Bobbie Ruth's, visit her at the Flourish Buford Chapter meetings, typically held on select Tuesday evenings each month. You can also reach her via Bobbie Ruth's website at the link below.  

Bobbie Ruth's

Jane Bishop

Go for your it!


Jane Bishop is the founder and owner of Take The Next Step which emerged out of her passion and desire to help others “go for their It.” 

Recognized nationwide as an energetic speaker and conference leader, Jane stirs her audiences with a “not to be forgotten” style, blending her teaching skills, experience and her sense of humor. Jane challenges participants with powerful messages of opportunity and action. Her background of travel as a military dependent has served her well as she has had the opportunity to work with diverse populations both in ethnicity and gender across the United States. Helping others “go for their It” is her energy drink of choice! 

Take The Next Step

Jane's Jottings Blog

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Flourishing with Cindy Lou Reed


  ​I firmly believe in Networking. It is always full of surprises as some of the best people and friends are discovered this way. In fact, finding the Flourish Networking for Women - Evansville, Indiana group happened by pure accident, or did it?...  

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Hope in Letting Go with Katy Nelson


"The ONLY thing life can guarantee us... is Change"

When we go through life, there are situations that seem to repeat themselves over and again...

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products and services


Intentionally Fit with Kim Waits

   It's not about a smaller you. It's about a healthier fit version of you who is living your best life because if it.   

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India Elaine Travel

 Our job here is to listen, research and plan...so YOU can explore, play and relax. Where can we take you?  

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Michelle Schomaker - Director

Last year, 2018, Beautycounter was the top-searched beauty brand online. We are growing leaps and bounds and have a business opportunity that is unmatched in the industry.

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Find Your Freedom


Ana Leaonardy 


  God designed you for more than just the status quo.  

Take it from someone who pushed through, YOU CAN DO IT! 

Read Ana's latest Blog: A Pebble in My Shoe

Find My Freedom Blog

Christian Ray Candle Co.

The $5 Soy Candle

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White Horse Interiors and Renovations, LLC

 "Designers that Build, Remodel and Renew!" 

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Health Options Now

Healthcare Freedom has Arrived!

Money Saving Options

Health Care at 40-60% Savings

Open Enrollment is Over, but you can still get coverage for 2019! 

Now that's a positive change for Health Care!


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Coming Soon!

Get ready to FLOURISH at a whole new level!


The Flourish Network is proud to announce our new exclusive virtual networking platform for women in business. It boasts endless amounts of new features for our network that will link business to business collaborations, foster one to one entrepreneurial relationships, 

and extend the overall reach for business portfolios.

"Bridging women entrepreneurs across cities, states, and countries!" 

This program will not replace Flourish’s existing monthly Chapter Meet-Ups. The Flourish Network Virtual Networking Platform is a new program to enhance the existing Flourish experience. It will allow our attendees to expand into new territories that they would otherwise not be able to link into. In addition, this platform will also allow women that want to connect but don’t have a local chapter in their area to have a Flourish offering to be able to connect to our network. 

Take your Flourish Experience to the Next Level!

 Get on the VIP  Launch List for Special Introductory Membership Package 

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Flourish on Purpose for Purpose

 We take pride in offering a "wholesome" and "safe place" for women to come and grow, by providing an atmosphere that is void of competitiveness, aggressiveness, hard selling tactics, and all of the uncomfortable things that turn people off from the ordinary networking experience. 

We are passionate about inspiring women!  Our goal is to see you "Grow Well" and be "Very Successful" both on a personal level as well as professionally.   We can't wait to FLOURISH with you!   

Find a chapter near you!

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 We could not flourish without you.  Thank you for FLOURISHING with us.!

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