Summer Issue 2019


This digital  issue is packed full of inspiration, motivation and resources with

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 You were created to FLOURISH and we encourage you to OWN IT! 

Repeat after us... I FLOURISH!


Dare to Dream

 It’s difficult putting ourselves out there day after day and getting rejected. It’s much easier to take the safer, surer route – the jobs that promise stability and perhaps monotony. We would rather settle for what we don’t want than try for something that would be so much more fulfilling. 


Trust the Journey

The greatest war undertaken is within yourself, since you create mental anguish when life does not go according to plan. Consider there may be a greater plan for you beyond what you believe is conceivable. 

Exclusive Virtual Chapter


Exclusive Virtual Chapter Membership Enrollment is Now Open!

We are super excited to launch our Exclusive Virtual Chapter for women in business!  


 Our Exclusive Virtual Chapter is specifically designed to add another layer to the existing Flourish experience for those that are already connected to our amazing network. In addition, the Virtual Chapter will allow access to our organization by bridging women that do not have access to a local chapter in their area, as well as to those that may not be able to attend a local chapter.

Our exclusive virtual networking platform offering boasts endless amounts of features that will link business to business collaborations, foster one to one entrepreneurial relationships, as well as extend the overall reach for business portfolios.  What this means for you is that you will have an Exclusive Membership offering that is controlled entirely by you, allowing you to expand your reach for your business.

This virtual chapter membership offering does not replace our existing local chapter meet-ups, they will continue to Flourish as they have been since early 2015.

The Flourish Network is committed to our vision of bridging women entrepreneurs 

and their businesses across cities, states, and countries.

 Come FLOURISH with us on a whole new level!

Kimberly Roberson


My great joy is empowering women to love themselves more through healthy, beautiful skin and lashes. When a friend shares that she loves her skin, (again),  it thrills me!   I enjoy being a connector, coach and mentor for women of all ages and stages; encouraging and supporting women is so fulfilling for me.

I am passionate for leading and coaching my personal Rodan+Fields tribe, Team Believing, with positive, pivotal beliefs and mindsets to enable their dreams; we bring 

about what we think about.

 I love giving back and sowing my time in the community, I personally serve with a couple of organizations that are dear to my heart.  I am also a Chapter Leader for Flourish.

 Keep your dreams alive and flourish well, my friends!




CC Collections brings to market its own high quality products, as well the craftsmanship of our local designers and artisans from around the globe.

Finding a suitable supplier for us is very important.

We physically travel across the world searching for designers with a great product and an inspiring ethical story.

We then work tirelessly to bring the unique designs to market, efficiently, offering the best possible price and quality to our customers.

Promote current deals

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


 “Outside the box” thinking is what Jinnie is all about. Imagine that? Ditching your bra for something better. Who would have thought?

Jinnie Rivera is a stylist for Ruby Ribbon, a company with revolutionary ideas that affects every single woman, every single day. 

“Ditch the bra” is our motto, says Jinnie.

“I love it that women now have an option to look better, stand better and feel better with our Camis and Demiettes” She continues, “I tried mine on for the first time and my bra was history, I love my Cami!”

Ruby Ribbon


Summer Vibes... You can never have to many!


Mobile Marketing

 As a mobile communication consultant, I work with you to set up a keyword and short code for your business. This is called the call to action. We set up an offer, and response with a giveaway, special, or percentage off as a thanks for joining your text club. Your customers can also see pictures, links to your Website, and video's in the text message you send out. You choose when to send the message, now, or schedule it for a future release. 

You promote this everywhere to inform the public that you have a VIP Text Club to join. If they sign up, that means they want your texts. They are going to say, yes - text me when you have something going on. And why is it effective? Just about every customer has a cell phone with them at all times, and they check it often. So build a large base of customers who have given you permission to directly communicate with them!  

Whenever you have something to say, you simply log on the SenText Platform from your laptop, iPod, or smart phone. Type your message, include your business name, the offer, the week, day and time to respond, and a expiration date. That’s how our system works. As a communication tool reaching out to people the way we as people communicate with one another called texting.

Cindylou Reed Mobile Marketing Consultant

 SenText Solutions business texting service is available through Cindy Lou Reed anywhere in the Continental United States.  Let's get started promoting through text messaging. 



 Wear your MantraBand as your daily reminder, affirmation, inspiration.

What's your mantra?


Life's Better Together ™


Make getting together effortless
and even more memorable.


White Horse Interiors and Renovations, LLC

 "Designers that Build, Remodel and Renew!" 



This water-resistant bag comes in a vegan leather with hard glass plastic. The transparent bag features a gold hardware lock, removable chain wallet and a key holder. 

This is perfect to wear as a gym or pool bag. You can also wear it as a school bag and keep your assignments in place.

  • Vegan leather
  • Transparent bag
  • Water resistant bag


Come FLOURISH with us!


Flourish on Purpose for Purpose

 We take pride in offering a "wholesome" and "safe place" for women to come and grow, by providing an atmosphere that is void of competitiveness, aggressiveness, hard selling tactics, and all of the uncomfortable things that turn people off from the ordinary networking experience. 

We are passionate about inspiring women!  Our goal is to see you "Grow Well" and be "Very Successful" both on a personal level as well as professionally.   We can't wait to FLOURISH with you!   

Find a chapter near you!


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 We could not flourish without you.  Thank you for FLOURISHING with us.!

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