Interim Chapter Leader: Molly Speciale

Fashion Stylist and Blogger



About Molly:

Independent cabi Stylist, Molly Speciale, has spent the last five years empowering women to look and feel their best by offering a designer collection of clothing, style tips, tricks, and ideas, budget-friendly capsuling tricks, and a personalized approach to help women discover their personal style.

Molly's unique approach to fashion includes helping women love the body they are in, finding creative ways to meet professional dress standards while projecting clients personal style, and making budget friendly decisions that have the greatest impact in their closet!

Molly also works to connect women to other like women. Whether she is facilitating small groups, leading conference call series designed to help women be there best self, or helping women to find their "More than...", she has a heart to help women connect with their confidence and strength, and surround themselves with others who build them up.

Molly lives in Summerville, South Carolina where she keeps busy as the mom of three amazing and busy kids, while running her cabi business.

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